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Delusional Republicans Still Want To Enact Romney/Ryan Budget

In an interview with CNN, Georgia Representative Tom Price offered his solutions to how to fix the budget woes of the nation. He stated that “We need to look at increasing revenue through pro-growth policies as well as tax revenue…Tax revenue — which means broadening the base, lowering the rates, closing the loopholes, limiting the deductions, limiting the credits, and making certain that we identify the appropriate spending reductions so that we have, indeed, a balanced approach. . .”tax increases to chase ever higher spending is a fool’s errand.”

The time has more than arrived for the Republicans to stop with the vague ideas of increasing revenue through “pro-growth polices” and “lowering the rates, closing the loopholes, limiting the deductions, limiting the credits”, etc. The reality is that the Republicans are in Congress to do two things- prove that government does not work by making sure it does not work and lowering their own tax burdens so that they do not have to pay taxes at all.

Unless Price has a definite, workable and confirmed mathematically feasible plan to do exactly what he is saying, then he should just sit down, shut up, and let the people who actually want to work get to work. What Price wants, of course, it to slash social spending so that the government stops working for the bulk of the American people, and cut his own taxes. What, you thought that he wanted to slash taxes for the ‘rich’? He is rich, remember that. Most of the wealthiest members of Congress are Republicans. They want to slash their own taxes. Which is a gross conflict of interest. It is as much a conflict of interest as Speaker Boehner pushing for the Keystone XL Pipeline while also owning a part of the company.

Republicans make up 32 of the top 50 wealthiest members of Congress according to Roll Call, though, admittedly, they only make up 3 of the top 10. Price is down there at #34 with an estimated worth of $9.4 million.

The thing is, Price is still pushing the Romney/Ryan Economic Plan. We already know that plan is a bust. We know that mathematically, it won’t work at all. ‘Stop pushing a plan that we know will not work and get back to work’ should be the message that they should take from having their backsides handed to them in the last election.

Instead, like Romney, they are blaming everyone but themselves.



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