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Family Research Council Attacks SPLC Over Ex-Gay Fraud Lawsuit

Logo of the Family Research Council.

Logo of the Family Research Council. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Family Research Council is upset with the decision by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s decision to sue the Jewish ex-gay group JONAH. Jews Offering New Alternatives of Healing is a group that promotes the discredited and often dangerous ex-gay therapies that anti-gay groups claim are capable of turning gay people straight. To date, no more than a tiny number of people have claimed to have been ‘cured’ of being gay for any length of time, and most of those are the people who are often selling this form of therapy.

Ex-gay therapy is usually pushed under religious auspices since credible therapists will not pursue it. The forcing of children to undergo ex-gay therapy has been banned in California, a move that the FRC is trying to undo.

The SPLC has filed a suit claiming that JONAH engages in consumer fraud given that ex-gay therapy has no valid chance of success. In fact, many purported ex-gays, even if they are in straight marriages, have come out and announced that they have never actually been cured of their attraction to members of the same sex.

The FRC said about the lawsuit:

With its credibility drying up, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is determined to cement its status as the homosexual movement’s greatest ally. Desperate to regain its status in the civil rights debate, the group is following the money to the gay community, where it hopes the partnership will help SPLC regain some of the legitimacy it lost bullying mainstream conservatives. Their latest attempt to claw their way back into the spotlight is a lawsuit aimed at destroying the ex-gay movement. This week, SPLC announced that it is suing a Jewish organization called JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives of Healing) for consumer fraud. They allege that the therapy, which is designed to bring homosexuals out of bondage and into healthy behavior, failed. That’s as ridiculous as suing Weight Watchers because they promised you’d lose weight and you didn’t! The only people guilty of fraud are the ones who claim people with same-sex attractions can’t change. [...]

The bottom line is that SPLC doesn’t seem interested in helping people. Their actions and bank accounts show that the organization is more interested in profiting from them. If the Left truly had homosexuals’ best interest in mind, they would recognize that for many, these attractions are unwanted. For those who struggle, hope is not in limiting avenues for change–but encouraging them.

The FRC is still upset that the SPLC labeled them a hate group. Research has found that most of the dangerous and destructive behaviors that the FRC and other anti-gay hate groups claim that gays engage in are only engaged in by those who are forced to live in the closet. When homosexuality is accepted, the tendency to engage in harmful behaviors diminishes to a similar level as those engaged in by straight individuals.



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