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Final Results In All House Races

Gabrielle Giffords and her aide, friend and successor Ron Barber.

The final three House races have finally been conceded. In Arizona, Democrat Ron Barber has retained his seat after a close race against Republican Martha McSally. In California, Republicans Brian Bilbray and Dan Lungren have conceded their races to Democrats Scott Peters and Ami Bera. Lungren had represented his district for eight years.

Also in Arizona, Democrat Richard Carmona had conceded the Senate race to Republican Jeff Flake, but Flake’s lead in the race is only 76, 230 votes and there are 12,140 early votes and 123,000 provisional ballots still to be counted. Sometime next week we should have an idea how many of those provisional ballots have been verified by the voters. Those who cast provisional votes had until this past week to provide proof of address to make the provisional ballots valid.

In Florida, Representative Alan West has been told by a judge to just suck it up and concede. His attempts to force another recount, based on his allegations of improper early ballots, have been refused twice already by the courts and by the county and state election authorities.

The final count in the House of Representatives is 201 Democrats and 234 Republicans. A majority is 218 in the House. The Republican majority has been cut to just 16 votes. While Speaker John Boehner has been making noises about co-operating with the White House, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is still holding firm to his opposition to anything and everything the White House might want. It seems that having his minority cut even further hasn’t made any impression on McConnell.

Congratulations to Ron Barber and his predecessor Gabrielle Giffords. Redrawing Giffords’ old district in an attempt to wrest it from the Democrats did not work. It was tight, but the demographics won.



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