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FOX Begins Coverage of So-Called War On Christmas

Season’s warnings, Linda and Morbo. . .In all the tinsel and terror of the holiday season, we too often underestimate that murderous brute better known as Santa Claus. With images of last year’s gingerbread massacre freshly baked into our memories, I remind you to bolt your doors, say goodbye to your pets, and lock your children in the closet. This is Walter Cronkite saying, “I told you so”. – The Head Of Walter Cronkite, “A Tale of Two Santas”, Futurama.

FOX News declared war on Thanksgiving by running their usual run of segments trying to strike fear into the hearts of everyone that Christmas was, somehow, under attack by atheists and everyone else without mentioning that the people who have, pretty much, ruined Christmas are the Christians and the merchentilists who seem to have no problems turning the Birth of Christ into an empty hollow day instead of a meaningful hallow day.

TalkingPointsMemo was kind enough to round up the usual War on Christmas stuff out of FOX News:



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