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Genius of the Week: Nina Flowers

sans make-up

DJ & Drag queen, Nina Flowers is known by most Americans as a Spanish-speaking drag star with very creative style that often makes her looks a bit like a campy Venusian space queen. If you look at her from a purely aesthetic angle, she’s an artistic genius. says “Originally from Bayamón, Puerto Rico, Nina, 34, is known for her intricate makeup and flawless runway presentation. Her style mixes punk, Goth and couture, and made her a real stand-out competitor in season one.”

Nina’s talents in music, performance, make-up and drag all while speaking English as a 2nd language make her a queen worth being recognized. While it was her hair-brained teammate, Tammie Brown, that got her booted from RuPaul‘s All Star Drag Race, she continues to please audiences around the globe. To truly appreciate Nina’s “alien” beauty, you must see her in all her glory.

I present, the stunning, the talented, the bi-lingual….*drum roll please*….Miss Nina Flowers.



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