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Israel, Hamas Agree To Temporary Ceasefire

from The Other 98%

After eight days and roughly 150 dead, mostly Palestinians, a ceasefire has been brokered between Hamas and Israel. The ceasefire brokered by Egypt goes into effect later today. Official word on the ceasefire has not come, but everyone is saying that it was agreed to a day after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in the area to broker one.

The ceasefire comes despite attempts to derail it with a bus bomb. That bombing wounded 15 Israelis. In the conflict, only five Israelis have died, but around 140 Palestinians have.

The details
of the ceasefire have not been released, but it should last for 72-hours and be followed by further talks.



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One Response to Israel, Hamas Agree To Temporary Ceasefire

  1. adamas

    November 21, 2012 at 6:58 pm

    I give it 24 at most before some knucklehead pushes a launch button.