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Kentucky Equality Federation Names New Executives

Kentucky Equality Federation’s Central Kentucky Regional Director Jeff Johnson has appointed University of Kentucky student Peter Bostrom as an assistant to his office. KEF President Jordan Palmer “rubber stamped” the appointment after Bostrom met with Board Chairman Brandon Combs and Central Kentucky Regional Director Jeff Johnson.

Bostrom stated “To me the Kentucky Equality Federation is a way to channel my interest in gay rights into productivity. It will allow me to make a difference in people’s lives who have been discriminated against or persecuted because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. To me equality means that people are not discriminated against or treated differently because of factors that they cannot control, like race, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity. Unfortunately at both the state and federal level there is no recognition of sexual orientation in civil rights laws and I am a strong advocate of changing this.”

KEF President Palmer stated “I give Regional Directors have the authority to appoint their own support personnel without my approval to assist them in serving the Commonwealth and the region they are appointed. Kentucky Equality Federation shifts as much decision making authority as legal and practical to regional directors and outreach directors. Regional Directors have the authority to appoint assistants, community organizers, awareness representatives, and other support volunteer. The addition of Mr. Bostrom ads to our presence in Central Kentucky in additional to our presence across the Commonwealth.”

KEF noted that

The Board of Directors also added Kristina Curry (Lexington) and Miles Meehan (Lexington). The addition of Miles Meehan and Kristina Curry to the Board of Directors came at the recommendation of Chairman Brandon Combs (Berea).

One Board member (Hazard) abstained from voting on either of the new Board members.

If Membership raises no objections to the addition of a Board member they are consider conformed.

“It is truly a proud moment that we are able to add additional diversity to our Board of Directors,” stated Kentucky Equality Federation Board Chairman Brandon Combs. “Both Ms. Curry and Mr. Meehan represent our female and straight ally constituents, respectively. This diversity coupled with their personal experiences, beliefs, and ideas make both of them welcome to our Board. Their addition demonstrates the Board’s commitment to accepting multiple perspectives and ideas in the fight for equality throughout our Commonwealth.”



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