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Monsters Break into Naked Gaga’s Garage for Holiday

Leftovers, Anyone?

What is the last thing you’d expect to see while munching on Thanksgiving leftovers while standing naked in your home?

Yeah, that would be 35 kids breaking into your garage. It happened to Lady Gaga. It seems that the singer was heading to her kitchen, in a home in Peru she was staying at, when as she walked past the security cameras and she saw 35 “little monsters” invading her garage.

“#MONSTERFACT when gaga is asleep try to break into the garage, sing loud as possible, + ring the doorbell repeatedly #happeningnow #badkids,” Gaga tweeted on Nov. 23.

“Thanksgiving story: woke up for leftovers in kitchen (naked)- stumbled on security camera revealing 35 monsters in my garage #why #iloveu,” she continued. “I should be mad i guess except i tried to figure out how to slide stuffing under the door, but theres no cat-flap.”

Lady Gaga did NOT call the police, but instead Tweeted this;

“To any little monsters trying to get in my house at the moment IF YOU SEE A LARGE ITALIAN MAN yelling about sleep IT IS NOT JOE GERMANOTTA,”



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