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MUSIC REVIEW: “Jana Fisher – ideals & deals”

Let leaving me be what makes You scratch your back and find my knife.” -J. Fisher

Hailing from New York, New York, Jana Fisher sends out her new EP titled “ideals & deals”; a self produced & released in October of this year.  Looking into this gal’s history I found she gained her musical background from her early childhood singing in churches and corn festivals in Ohio. Fisher’s family later moved to Florida where Jana developed a strong passion for piano; using it as a channel for her teenage angst. She then went on to release her first EP in 2007, “A history of sleepwalking” just as she finished college and left home to head to the Big City. Being called “spunky, lyrical folk-y piano pop” by herself, I had to give this one a listen.

Miss Fisher

My first impression is that this young lady is very talented and gifted. Right off the bat I feel the folksy piano pop with the song “30k“.  A song about coming to the big city or a stage in your life where you want to prove to everyone you’ve made it. The song writing is clever and witty. Her vocals are smooth and on-key. The music is catchy and makes you feel good. The second song on the EP called “You deserve better”  brings out some snappy upbeat piano play with more sultry vocals. To me it sounds like a song written for a lover that was very attached to the artist, but she wasn’t feeling it and sends out her sympathy and guilt for being in the relationship. The third song slows right down to a nice melodic piano piece with beautiful vocals. The song “If I ever break your heart” gives you the sense of being cautious towards starting a new relationship with someone new, and gaining a level of trust and understanding with that person. Very beautiful song.

After several listens of “ideals & deals” I have to conclude that Jana Fisher is widely talented with her singing/songwriting. She has a beautiful voice and her lyrics are full of emotion and integrity. Plus the fact that she produces and self promotes her art is heartwarming. It is awesome to see someone take the chance at doing something they love while trying to make it the world. She has my support. I defiantly recommend this album to any open ears in the mood for some easy listening, high spirited, good energy music.

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Lets help this talented young lady from the city prove them all wrong.



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