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“Person Of Interest” Goes Lesbian, Makes One Million Moms Cry

English: J.J. Abrams at Time 100 Gala

English: J.J. Abrams at Time 100 Gala (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently CBS and J.J. Abrams have decided that “Person of Interest” will go a bit ‘gay’. That is, they have folded into the show a married lesbian character. In the episode “Critical”, “Person of Interest” introduced heart surgeon Dr. Madeleine Enright, and her wife, Amy, played by Sharon Leal and Erica Leerhsen. Of course, the decision to do this has caught and angered one group of people…One Million Moms.

Apparently, their members love the show because it has “no foul language or nudity”, and probably love it as well because the show stars Jim Caviezel, you know, Jesus Christ in that Mel Gibson movie.

One Million Moms wrote:

One Million Moms is disappointed that CBS and Warner Brothers turned “Person of Interest” into a politically correct machine. In mid-November, an episode aired that went way too far in an attempt to normalize homosexuality when creator and producer, J.J. Abrams, decided to introduce a married lesbian couple.

Viewers find out the female heart surgeon’s spouse is actually another woman. They treated this immoral relationship just like any other married couple. Clearly this is a way of promoting the homosexual agenda by making it appear absolutely normal.

Of course, now they are demanding that “Person of Interest” go back to their “roots”, which is probably not going to happen. While Caviezel may be a Catholic, his actual stance on LGBT rights does not appear to have become part of the public record. He has worked with openly, and strongly gay actors like Ian McKellen. So long as the star of the show does not seem to have a problem with the storyline, it seems unlikely that there are enough OMM’s viewers to force the show to change.

Of course, with every disappointment comes something for OMM to crow about:

Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving! One more thing to be thankful for… “666 Park Avenue” has been canceled after only 7 episodes! ABC announced that “666 Park Avenue” will not be coming back for a second season.

This is a HUGE Victory! The ABC series “666 Park Avenue,” which is known for its controversial title and satanic content, will not be renewed. Glory to God!

The network will air all 13 episodes, but the demonic series will not return next season. Praise the Lord!

God is using One Million Moms to help remove this filth from television. As the hands and feet for the Lord, we are making a real difference.

A ‘huge victory’ would be if they had actually managed to drive a well loved show off the air. If God is using OMM’s for anything, it appears to be to drive shows off the air that were really horrific and struggling badly anyway (666 Park Avenue had abysmal ratings, btw), and to serve as a bit of humor on a snowy day. OMM’s has, so far, if you want to count their ‘victories’ as anything, only managed to have a total of two victories in the last year against 666 Park Avenue and GCB, neither of which were very big with viewers. The other shows they’ve targeted have done pretty well, and even gotten full seasons.



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10 Responses to “Person Of Interest” Goes Lesbian, Makes One Million Moms Cry

  1. Annie

    December 27, 2012 at 2:43 am

    What I don’t understand is how they can even like the show. Cause there’s no foul language or nudity? But is the violence ok? They punch and shoot people like crazy. What a bunch of hypocrits.

  2. Nicole

    December 3, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    Another stupidity arises out of the mouth of Monica Cole, a known liar, deceiver and con artists.
    #1 lie: One million, Truth, 40,000 is not even close to one million.
    #2 lie. I have other issues to deal with and am dropping Ellen DeGeneres. Truth, Cole got her butt chewed by a nation that pushed back. When pushed, she waved the persecution flag and fled. #3 lie: Her boycotts are VICTORIES. Truth, ads are never for a full season. Her hateful boycott campaigns are a joke to networks, who cares none of Cole and her band of sheeple.
    #4 lie: Non-profit organization. Truth, Cole is raking in millions from her sheeple. (Donations of $30.00 X 40,000 followers = $1,200,000.00) for sitting on her butt all day telling people exactly what they want to hear. A fool and her money are rightfully parted.

  3. Jake

    November 30, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    I’m assuming the women among O.M.M. are mostly Christian, right? If that is the case, Christians shouldn’t be watching any Television at all, in the first place. All Television is a distraction from God, it doesn’t take a religious person to know that. If one particular Episode need be addressed, then so do all the others, because the group exhibits the notion that violence is O.K. to watch, and sexuality is not. What I’ve come to determine about this group is their only stance on ‘some’ subjects denotes a collective idea that one sin can be greater than another, which is why I am completely baffled why they attack issues on same-sex, rather than on every sin in the Bible.

    • Nicole

      December 3, 2012 at 5:47 pm

      If they attacked every sin in the bible, they would have to expose their own sins. Take the log out of your own eye, Cole.

  4. Barbara

    November 30, 2012 at 12:04 pm

    The first amendment allow CITIZENS to express and to be exposed to a wide range of opinions and views, so it does NOT only apply to the Government.

    That being said I am NOT a fan of OMM and love Person of Interest and think they did a wonderful job with the episode in question.

    Prejudice is being down on something you’re not up on. OMM is full of prejudice but they DO have the right to speak out, just as we have the right to believe that they are full of hatred and ignorance and that they do not speak for everyone.

    OMM just like the American Family Association are groups that think they have far more power and influence than they actually do. People will determine a shows fate based on whether they watch the show or not, thus you are 100% correct with the assessment that 666 Park Avenue was a show that just wasn’t being viewed by most people and not because of its anti-Chistian values but because it simply wasn’t good enough and therefore lacked the ratings to continue to air – if a show isn’t making money for the advertisers/network/etc. than it’ll go off the air – OMM, AFA and Parents Television Council be damned.

    • Bridgette P. LaVictoire

      November 30, 2012 at 12:37 pm


      The intent of the First Amendment is that citizens be allowed to express and be exposed to different opinions and views, but it does not guarantee that this is the case. All it does is prevent the government from preventing citizens from doing this. It is why you can’t sue FOX News for not being balanced. Over the years, people have confused the intent of the Amendment with the actual power of it.

  5. EEKman

    November 29, 2012 at 9:43 pm

    If you think a gay couple are moral degenerates then you deserve all the mocking and public shame you get. It’s hate speech. Period. The world is round. Evolution is real. Get a worldview that rejects Bronze Age superstition. You are a dying breed. Should you decide to stick with it, know that the world will become more confusing and frightening to you as time goes on.

  6. Northern Star

    November 29, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    Are One Million Moms not entitled to their opinion, and to advocate as such, or does the First Amendment only apply to lefties and moral degenerates?

    It never fails to amuse me how those who preach tolerance the loudest are most often the ones who are the most intolerant toward those whom they disagree with… conservatives shouldn’t get hung up on a single episode’s content of ‘Person of Interest’ as if the producers are pushing an overt agenda just as lefties shouldn’t be gleeful about said episode content and that the series is now flying the liberal advocacy flag… the truth is it’s neither, and the producers of the show most likely saw it as such, would they have hired one of the few outspoken Christian conservatives in Hollywood if they were all leftie activists?

    Take a chill pill everyone and just relax… really!

    • Bridgette P. LaVictoire

      November 29, 2012 at 9:05 pm

      First of all, the First Amendment applies only to the Government and no one else. I could, legally, ban you from commenting on my site, if I wanted to. However, let me put it to you this way…nowhere in there do I say that One Million Moms can’t do what they are doing, but what I am saying is that they are foolish for doing so. Since it is my site, I have every right to point out that they are foolish bigots for their stance.

    • Nicole

      December 3, 2012 at 5:51 pm

      Take a chill pill? Not as long as that twit Cole is spreading her hatred towards everything and everyone. I will never surrender to Cole my right to be. If Cole and her band of sheeple are so disgrunted with American, than let them take the first flight out. As for me, this is my country, and I stand with the flag, which still stands for freedom.