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Smurfette’s Voice Passes Away; Smurf Village in Mourning

Ms. Bliss reports that…

Lucille Bliss has passed away at the age of 96, but her voice lives on through iconic cartoon characters like Smurfette of “The Smurfs,” Anastasia from “Cinderella,” and more recently Yagoda from the film “Avatar.”

For myself, I feel this loss. I knew who she was and the characters that sweet voice brought to life. She will be missed. Bliss was 96 years young and the world will never know another like her. Who else could give a raspy Smoker’s voice to a mystical blonde-haired, blue-skinned creature and have it become legendarily cute and gave life to an iconic Smurf sex symbol? Only Lucille.

Lady, your voice will go on.

For more information on Ms. Bliss, read this.



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