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Holiday Geek Shop 2012

R. Johnson

Christmas. Every year we plot and plan to give our loved ones that perfect gift. That one defining item that will make them love us no matter what for the next 364 days.

As we mask our selfish intentions all in the name of a fat man in a red suit, we rely on the general retailer to have all the special things that will make them happy. The problem is originality does not belong in the hands of “Wal-Mart” where good deals on the common item are easy to come by, but the really one of a kind cool items (the ones that will make you make your little Yoda use the force to your will) are only available in the far recesses of the internet. True Christmas excitement is what we are striving for. So my friends, please allow me to take you on a trip through the top 5 websites on the net today and what makes them special. Then through the top 10 items on my Christmas list and where you can find them this holiday season.

Batman Chess

Our first stop is a website called The Noble Collection. This fascinating site offers everything for the geek in your home. This year they have over 40 Harry Potter based items, from replicated wands to gold gilded bookmarks; they offer several pages of tie-ins for The Hobbit, including a replicated copy of”the One Ring” and a Hobbit Letter Opener. The site also features collectables and replicas from Avatar, The DaVinci Code, and Hugo. But what really makes me drool, is located in the DC Comics section, an all inclusive Batman Chess set. This Chess set features all of the most notable Batman Characters and features LED Lighted Bat Signals. I am all over that, as any true geek would be.

1st season

Our Next stop is another one that makes me drool. I am a classic TV fan, and one of the most memorable items I always wanted was a Jeannie Bottle.. That is right, a 1965 I Dream of Jeannie Bottle, and this site has them all… is the officially licensed venue for some of the coolest TV collectables in existence.

Stop #3 is This has to be my favorite sites of all, they simply have everything; from a Titanium Spork to a Titanic Ice Cube Tray they offer a wide variety of collectables and sci-fi tie-ins: Firefly, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Game Of Thrones, Portal, and even the Big Bang Theory has a section.

Unicorn mask!

Stop #4 This site has everything from the cool to the outrageous. They have it all under one roof, going to the far corners of the internet to get all the oddball items into one space, leaving us easy links to buy from. Things you didn’t know existed: from a Hello Kitty Exhaust Pipe to a replicated Tron Light Cycle (that actually works and is street legal).

Stop #5 Last But Not Least, is Toy Tokyo. A specialty store out of NYC that sells classic Toys and collectables as well as their own line of exclusives: He-man, Batman, WB, Disney, Smurfs, Care Bears, Voltron, etc. This is an amazing store with great service.

Richard’s Top 10 Christmas Wishes

#1. Firefly: A Celebration (Anniversay Ed.)

#2. Winning Solutions Luxury Edition Clue Game

#3. LEGO Star Wars Death Star (10188)

#4. Baked Potato Bean Bag Chair w/ Butter Pillow

#5. HOT WHEELS Knight Rider K.I.T.T. SDCC San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

Link’s power source?

#6. Masters of the Universe – 30th Anniversary Limited Edition

#7. Zelda Cartridge Hard Drive

#8. Power Rangers: From Mighty Morphin to Lost Galaxy

#9. Baker’s Edge 11.5×12.5×2.5-in. Rectangular Simple Lasagna Pan

#10. Kodykoala’s Custom Hungry Hungry Koopas

…and Honorable Mention: Go the F**k to Sleep [Hardcover]


If you are shopping online this holiday season (and I recommend it) don’t forget to leave yourself ample shipping time. Remember things sell out quickly and if you want it, order it. Cyber-Monday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year (online) and will still give you plenty of time for delivery. Happy Holidays everyone.



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