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The Power of Cute

The photo that went viral

Boston-area dad Dan Urbano made a bit of a mistake with his two kids. Thinking he was making a safe bet, he challenged them to get 1,000 “likes” on Facebook in support of their plea to get a cat. He and his wife Marisa grossly underestimated the power of “cute” on the social media site.

Taking up the challenge, 7-year-old Remi and his sister 1-year-old Evelyn had their mom post a picture of them, with Evelyn waving her little fists in the air and grinning while Remi smiled, holding up a white board with the message: “Hey Facebook! My sister and I really want a cat. Our papa promises we can get one if we can get 1,000 likes. Please like this picture. Thank you!”

As any Facebook user can tell you, a photo like this is going to go viral, and perfect strangers are going to like it. The parents, as Marisa told “Good Morning America”, “figured our friends and maybe their friends would be nice and kind and share with each other.”

After the photo went viral, garnering over 100,000 “shares” and 111,000 “likes”, Dan made good on the bet. He went to the local animal shelter and picked up a lovely little tabby that the kids named Hairietta L. Pawturr, with the “L” standing for the incredible number of Facebook “likes.”

Remi and Hairietta




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