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The “Real Housewives” Of The CIA, FBI and U.S. Army

English: General David H Petraeus: This photog...

General David H Petraeus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As one pundit noted on MSNBC this morning, if you miss your canceled soap opera, tune into the news this week.

So far, this is what’s involved….

General David Petraeus had an affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell. Tampa socialite Jill Kelley, a friend of Gen. Petraeus and his wife, Holly, received e-mails which did not threaten her in any way, but suggested she needed to be taken down a notch for “parading around the base.” Kelley had a friend in the FBI who had sent her photos of himself shirtless. She called her friend. In course of investigating where the harassing e-mails had come from, the friend (who is still not named) discovered a series of e-mails between Petreaus and Broadwell. He also discovered a series of e-mails between Kelley and Marine General John Allen, the head of our forces in Afghanistan. The Kelley-Allen e-mails are supposedly not indicative of an affair, though Kelley did use terms of endearment when addressing Allen. The “friendly agent” did not notify his superiors in the Justice Department or the White House of the investigation, but did notify House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor in October. Full snaps to Cantor for resisting the temptation of an “October Surprise” scandal in the administration. When the investigation became known in the FBI, “friendly agent” was relieved of his involvement and is currently being investigated himself. He notified Washington Republican Representative David Reichert that he feared the whole thing would be swept under the rug to protect the administration.

Though the FBI uncovered nothing in Petreaus’ correspondence with Broadwell that in any way involved state secrets, General Petraeus tendered his resignation as head of the CIA to President Obama on Election Day and is now dealing with what associates describe as a “furious” wife. Still no word on what General Allen is going to do.

All the White House has said is that the President has full confidence in his military leaders. The right wing media, Senators and Congressmen have been more forthcoming, ranging from dark bodings of cover-ups (did Petreaus resign to avoid testifying about Benghazi) to fury over not being notified immediately. If the President is angry over not being informed in a timely manner, he’s not saying, but he never does. Petreaus’ resignation does not impact his appearance before the intelligence committees about the attack on the Benghazi consulate and annex. He will be testifying.

Frankly, it’s pretty pathetic when a “major scandal” in our military and intelligence community gives the four commentators on The Cycle on MSNBC their best-ever tag-team comedy routine and giggle fits. Really? Really?

I do have to say that I finally agree with S. E. Cupp on one point (okay, there’s a first time for everything) – ordinary male anatomy is not all that attractive. If you don’t look like Taylor Lautner or Dwayne Johnson, keep your damned shirt on.



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