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TV REVIEW: “iCarly: iGoodbye” Series Finale

Freddie, Carly, & Sam

iCarly is a very popular tween tv show on Nickelodeon and tonight was it’s finale episode. The episode, “iGoodbye“, begins with Sam asking Carly if she is itchy anywhere. This may seem odd to a non-fan of iCarly, but this is a normal conversation opener for Sam. Seems that Sam made a wood and nail back-scratcher in Shop class and wanted Carly to test it. Freddie soon enters the scene with a big-ass phone called a “Max Pad”, trying to be cool, but failing as usual. Carly gets a text from her father saying that he can’t attend a father-daughter dance, causing Carly to be sad because it is the last year she can attend.


Next scene is Carly’s older brother, Spencer, restoring a 1964 Sterling motorcycle for a friend, Socko (to give to his cousin as a gift), as Sam and Freddie enter the scene without Carly. It sets up the episode that Spencer has an important date with an ex coming up, Carly is depressed and Sam is going to help Spencer while Freddie and Gibby are off to buy Gibby a new foam head of his own. Carly tries to open up to the guy that runs The Groovie Smoothie, while the wrong 1964 choke knob for the motorcycle shows up in the mail resulting in Spencer being sneezed on by the gross doorman, Lubert. When Carly explains that she is upset because if she doesn’t go to the dance this year, she will never be able to go again because she will be too old, and this is when Spencer asks her to go with him to the dance, opting to cancel his other date.

{At this point I realize that trying to write a review while watching a new episode of a show with almost no commercials in it is nearly impossible. Holy camole! –And in case I forgot that I’m watching a children’s network, there are Furby, A SpongeBob Christmas DVD and Bop-It! commercials to remind me.}

When the show returns Carly comes down her stairs as Sam is still working on the motorcycle from the night before. Carly is very excited about the dance, so much so that she runs out to run her errands still wearing her PJs. When she exits, Spencer exits his room with a horrible head cold that he doesn’t want Carly to notice because he doesn’t want to disappoint her by having to cancel on her too.


When Freddie and Gibby show up to a kiosk that will make a foam replica of your head, they meet a weasel owner that bullied his pet. Gibby tries to stand up for the weasel before having his head scanned, only to end up having his head stuck in the scanning machine and the bully that runs the machine not being able to free Gibby’s head, while Freddie tries to help release him, only to be embarrassed by his mother showing up and commenting that his new Max Pad carrier matches her purse, leading Freddie to yell at her to leave.

Hilarity ensues.

Spencer gets better and with Sam’s help gets the right 1964 knob right before he gives her the keys to it, Gibby breaks free and gets a new pet after rescuing the weasel from the bully, and Carly’s best friends put together a last mission to pull a miracle out of their respective asses. Will they?

I’m not gunna tell you. Go watch it yourself to find out what happened, who played Carly’s dad, where Carly goes from here, if they did a last webcast and what Freddie and Gibby look like all dressed up with nowhere to go. Enjoy it! I did. Don’t forget the tissues.

(SPOILERS: Freddie got his farewell kiss and Gibby might be gay!)



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3 Responses to TV REVIEW: “iCarly: iGoodbye” Series Finale

  1. Isaabel

    November 26, 2012 at 11:55 pm

    I really loved your show I wish you did not go with your dad .I really loved Sam Freddie and everyone in the show hope you are all going to be safe and had I have one last question is I Carly ever going to came back on T.V. ? P.S write back please

  2. Sean

    November 25, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    The episode was the best iCarly ever. It made my mom cry. Carly’s dad finally appeared and wasn’t like Michelle Obama’s appearence where she had one line. This guy played a big role in the series finale of iCarly. I give in a 10

  3. nevaeh

    November 24, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    i miss icarly i always watch that tv show bye icarly your tv show rocks goodbye -nevaeh