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TVLand 101: Good Morning Miss Bliss

Miss Bliss cast

Hello TV Watchers! Welcome to my new weekly column featuring the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Television.

You see, I have a passion for television. I have collected literally thousands of programs,
most of which you have never heard of. Each week I will endeavor to take you back to another time and another place as we pick one of your favorite memories to pick a part.

That’s right. Your involvement is needed, but more about that later*. For our first trip back we are taking a peek at an 80′s series called “Good Morning Miss Bliss… think youve never heard it? It was retitled after season 1 and is more well known as “Saved By The Bell“.

Hayley Mills

child actress Hayley Mills

Good Morning Miss Bliss was made as a pilot by Disney for NBC and was set to star veteran Disney actress Hayley Mills (the original Parent Trap, Moonspinners). It aired over the summer of 1988, and NBC passed on the initial buy option. Disney decided to air it on their own paid cable channel. In the Fall of 1988 Good Morning Miss Bliss joined the Disney Channel lineup.

Its original premise was about a teacher who inspires her class, and centers around one particularly bad student, Zac Morrison. Lisa, Screech and the gang are also there. Mr. Belding is still the principal. The show was  set in Indiana. The series ran for 13 episodes. Upon cancellation Disney, once again, approached NBC about doing a pick up. NBC insisted on a few changes; a new title, new theme song, and axed Miss Bliss. They also moved the show’s location to California.

Saved y the Bell cast

The show took off to become an 80′s classic. However Miss Bliss was not forgotten. In the syndication package edits to the episodes were made and an adult Zac filmed an introduction to the grade school episodes. DVD release has not faired so well. The entire series of Saved By The Bell has been released, and the reunion movies as well, but the rights for Miss Bliss are still maintained by Disney and not by NBC. Therefore standing in the way of this lost classic from being released to the public.

*Now TV Watchers, I need a favor from you. Write in and tell me what you would like to see featured or questions about shows you have. Stump the TV geek,…
if you can.

You can buy Saved by the Bell: The Complete Series HERE, you can buy the SbtB movies HERE, you can buy SbtB: The College Years HERE, or maybe SbtB: The New Class Complete Series HERE.



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One Response to TVLand 101: Good Morning Miss Bliss

  1. adamas

    November 30, 2012 at 10:54 pm

    Ok. Lets see what you can dig up on The Amazing Spider-Man from the late 70′s =)