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Hostess Brand Snacks Becoming Extinct

’cause it is the last one.

Hostess, The maker of Twinkies, is prepping to close it’s doors. (If I were you, I’d go stock up before the shelves are emptied.)

According to

“Hostess Brands Inc., the maker of the iconic snack Twinkies, announced today that it will liquidate the entire company because not enough striking employees returned to work by a Thursday evening deadline set by the company.

Not only are we going to lose Twinkies, but also … Baker’s Inn, Beefsteak, Blue Ribbon, Bread du Jour, Butternut Breads, Colombo, Cotton’s, Di Carlo, Drake’s (a real killer there), Dolly Madison, Dutch Hearth, Eddy’s, Good Hearth, Holsom, Home Pride, J.J. Nissen, Merita, Millbrook, Mrs. Cubbison’s, Nature’s Pride, Parisian, Standish Farms, Sweetheart, Toscana, and Wonder Bread.

RIP Hostess. Personally, I will miss Eddy’s the most.

No word yet what will become of Twinkie the Kid.



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One Response to Hostess Brand Snacks Becoming Extinct

  1. Danielle

    November 17, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    We won’t be losing Mrs. Cubbinson’s. They were acquired by Sugar Foods Co. back in 2011