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US Air Force Issues Recommendations In Wake Of Lackland Scandal

Earlier this year, nineteen Military Training Instructors or MTI’s at Lackland AFB were implicated in one of the worst and largest sexual assault scandals in US military history. Charges ranged from rape to inappropriate relationships. Some forty female trainees were sexually abused, and four MTI’s were prosecuted. There are more MTI’s under investigation. Today, the Air Force released their findings and recommendations regarding the incident.

Anu Bhagwati, the Executive Director of Service Women’s Action Network, stated that “The recommendations made today are good steps that we think will improve sexual assault awareness and response at Lackland AFB, but they do not correct the flaws within the military judicial system. The military far too often retaliates against victims and fails to hold perpetrators accountable. To professionalize this system, the DOD needs to give case disposition authority to military prosecutors, and also give service members access to the civil courts if military justice fails them.”

General Woodward’s report covers 22 different findings and makes 46 specific recommendations. The report comes out as retired General David Petraeus is embroiled in a sex scandal that has reached into the upper echelons of the US Amry.



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