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Venker Defends ‘War On Men,’ As Colbert Offers Rebuttal

Stephen Colbert as the fictional Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert as the fictional Stephen Colbert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Suzanne Venker is less than happy with the reaction to her anti-feminist screed “The War on Men”. Venker’s statements were thoroughly drubbed given that they did little to actually analyze the problems men are facing in a patriarchal Procrustean society that often forces men to have little more identity than as a paycheck.

According to David Freedlander of The Daily Beast, “Venker said that the whole thing was a misunderstanding. When she wrote about women and men, she meant to write about wives and husbands.” In fact, according to Freedlander:

“I didn’t mean that women can’t compete with men in the workforce. I meant that men don’t want to compete with their wives in marriage. Husband and wife would have been better than men and women,” she said.

She is all for women having high-powered careers, she said, but “you need to keep those separate. Otherwise it will make your marriage more of a competition than a complementary relationship.”

Venker concludes her defense with:

“Men have been changing for the past 40 years. They have responded to this revolution. They have changed and changed and changed and changed and they still can’t win. They can never do enough. And women get frustrated and say it is always men’s fault. My goal is to get women to look in the mirror and say, what is your part in this gender debate? Is it women’s fault? Maybe fault isn’t the right word, but if men and women are equal, then how come it is that men are supposed to change but women are not.”

The reality is, of course, that men have not changed as much as Venker wants to believe. In fact, Venker stated that men have not changed much, but women have changed a lot. Stephen Colbert, however, had the best rebuttal to Venker’s anti-feminist screed:



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