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Baptists Insult Tv Host, Brand: Get English Lesson from Brit Host

“Fancy a drag off my fag?”

Say whatever you want about Russell Brand, the man has style all his own.

On a recent episode of the late night talk show, BrandX” (Thurs. @11pm on FX), host Russell Brand brought on two gentleman from the Westboro Baptist Church, who presented Brand with a poster of his head with flames behind it reading the words “FAG PIMP BRAND”.

While the poster was meant as an insult, Brand’s cool comedic timing and response was…flawless. He was graceful as he calmed his audience in order to give the men a chance to speak without fear for their lives or not being heard at all. Brand allowed them their say, and then ended with a joke—like a good tv host should. Bravo Mr. Brand.

He used intelligence (explaining that to an Englishman, which he is, a “fag” is a cigarette) and humor to do his job in allowing his guests time to speak and make asses of themselves, while the audience is entertained by the stupidity. Job well done.



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