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A fun.-Sized Scoop on a ‘fun.’ Band

fun.-ny guys

fun. is an American Indie Rock band formed in New York City.

Band members include: Nate Ruess, Andrew Dost, and Jack Antonoff. The trio was formed in 2008. Nate Ruess (of The Format) had asked Jack Antonoff (of Steel Train) and Andrew Dost (of Anathallo) to come on aboard and join him with his new idea for a musical project.  The band had also approached Steven McDonald (who produced for The Format) to help with the more producing for the new band. A few months into deciding on their name they came to find, via the Internet, that there was already another act who had been using the name “Fun”. The guys decided to add a period to their name because “They liked periods” and they were just fun…period. (ROFL)

Kiki! having some fun.

I recently became a fan of “fun.” this past summer. After hearing the harmonized melodies of “Some Nights” on the radio, I think it’s safe to say I fell in love with their voices and their style of music. That being said, I decided to check even more into their music. They have a very energetic sound and original style. They remind me of a modern day Queen and they throw their own Funk and style into the mix with some Rock and Hip-Hop vibes as well a slight Carnival sound twist into the mesh.

Aim and Ignite” was their first album released in August of 2009. In February of 2012 the band released their most recent and commercial album, “Some Nights”. I got a good listen to that album, and every track on there is nothing short of amazing. Graced with talent and remarkable vocal ability, every song just puts you in a great mood. Auto tune is a great friend of theirs; but, if you even think for a moment that they are one of those bands who use auto tune because they lack real vocal ability, let me just tell you, you couldn’t be more wrong. They simply use it as a tool and by no means a substitute.

The album contains popular hits “Some Nights” and “We Are Young” ft. Janelle Monae,  as well as other great tunes such as: “Carry On”, which starts off with a slow piano riff and the tempo and song becomes more uplifting as the song continues. It is filled with inspirational chills about always moving forward. “All Alone” and “All Alright” are some of my favorites that just have to be listened to. “All the pretty girls” is a song that will instantly make you want to just get up and dance! I must say each and every song is just remarkable!

That is just my perspective on them and my opinion. Don’t believe me?  Take the challenge. Have some fun and listen to fun. for yourself!



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