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And so it continues.

, member of the United States House of Represe...

, member of the United States House of Representatives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In his resignation announcement, Jim DeMint stated that the was leaving the Senate because the Republicans need to work on convincing the American people that Conservative values work. In good times, the ideals of the Conservatives do work, in a way. Or more accurately, they appear to work and people kind of do not care that they do not. There is prosperity, but that prosperity comes at the expense of the future. What ultimately happens is that the future comes and the debts must be collected, but people do not make the association between the excesses of prosperous times and the deprivations of lean times.

The world is changing, but that does not mean that the Republicans are changing as well.

In the waning day s of the Todd Akin candidacy, the National Republican Senatorial Committee dumped a bunch of money into his race trying to win it. They still lost. Rick Tyler, the man behind Akin’s campaign, now blames NRSC incompetence for the loss, not the candidate. He stated to TalkingPointsMemo that “The NRSC’s actions reflected its incompetent leadership. It’s hard to say if Akin could have won given how poorly the Republicans performed nationally. But there can be no question that their actions and comments kept the campaign from recovering after a misstep.”

In actuality, Akin was a doomed politician the moment he started talking about ‘legitimate rape’. The Republicans know that their social agendas are just not going to hold up, and that people are tired of the Republicans telling people that cutting taxes leads to prosperity. The American people have finally figured out that the Republican platform is just untenable. The problem is, the Republicans have not.

We see this constantly in the media. FOX News pundits, various Republican talking heads, and so many more trying to blame anyone from voter fraud to “gifts” given to voting blocks to whatever for the loss of the Republicans in November, but the reality is that the nation is no longer buying what the Republicans are selling, and if the Republicans do not get their acts together, they will not survive 2014.



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