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Asexual Organizations Hold Joint Online Fundraiser

G8 from Asexual Awareness:

DECEMBER 6, 2012 — Asexual, demisexual, and grey-a people, and their allies, have been working for years to raise awareness and visibility about our communities. Last year at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force‘s annual organizing conference, Creating Change, asexual activists David Jay and Sara Beth Brooks screened a documentary called (A)sexual and had an amazing response. More than 150 people attended the screening and dozens stayed in the hall for more than an hour afterwards for an unscheduled Q&A. Jay is the main subject of the documentary and also the founder of the largest asexuality organization, the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN).

This year Jay and Brooks will be presenting two workshops at the conference. One is a 90 minute panel discussion with five speakers and the other is a 60 minute organizing caucus. The panel engages different aspects of asexuality and will tell their stories and then answer questions from the audience. The panelists represent a diversity of gender, race, and age, as well as romantic and (a)sexual orientations. It is one of more than two hundred panels in the five day conference.“Bringing this panel to an LGBT organizing space will allow us to connect with thousands of organizers from across the country, hear the stories of aces in their communities, and give out new resources,” said Sara Beth Brooks, the founder of Asexual Awareness Week. She and Jay will host the Asexy & Allies Caucus during the conference, a space to report back on the previous year and collaborate on ideas for the future.

This morning, Brooks and Jay were joined by other activists in a YouTube video called “Make Atlanta Asexy,” whch describes a joint fundraiser between AVEN and Asexual Awareness Week. The fundraiser’s goal of $3,000 will be spent on hotel rooms for the conference team, brochures and printed information for the conference attendees and organizations, and server and administrative costs for both organizations. In the first few hours of the fundraising campaign, more than $1,700 was raised. Donations are continuing to be accepted through IndieGoGo at

Asexual Awareness Week is an international organization that is dedicated to education and awareness about asexuality as a sexual orientation. For more information please visit



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