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Bent-Con 2012 Coverage (w/ Retraction)

Two of the powerhouses of the gay/gay ally comics world, Wendy Pini and Joe Phillips (as Beast) at Bent-Con 2012.  Pic by D. Miz.

If you saw the article yesterday, “News from Bent-Con; Part 1“, ignore it. I was ..misinformed, got confused, had brain damage….pick an excuse. The information was not correct and I apologize for posting it as true news. It wasn’t.

If you happen to be lucky enough to be in Burbank, CA and attending Bent-Con, you lucky so-and-so. If you are like me, and struck across the country with no access to it, then you have just been saved. I’ll tell ya what I do know about what is going on over there with those happy, comic book lovers.

Come see me and my buds Mars Homeworld, Deborah L Warner, David Miz and many others Friday Nov. 30th through Dec. 2nd at Bent Con! Warning! Be on your blinged-out toes, cuz Bent Con is the most intense, anything-goes LGBTQ friendly multi-media convention in the Universe (or at least Burbank!). Check out the program schedule for my panels on Saturday and Sunday! -Wendy Pini’s FB



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