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BOOK REVIEW: “Masque of the Red Death” by Wendy Pini

Anton & Steffan

Here is a simple story for you. A story of lust, seduction, betrayal, indulgence, and an epic love doomed from the start. Follow me.

Anton Prosper

HOW TO GET FROM HERE TOTHERE. This begins your journey. Enter The Green Chamber at This is where you start in the new world. Be patient. Let it develop. When you see the title, click at the bottom of the screen where it reads “View Menu”. Click there. Then click on “Chapter 1, Week 1″, then “Auto”.

Now…Have a glass of dark wine. Would you care for a chocolate? Sit back and enjoy a familiar story, Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death“, retold by a talented storyteller, Wendy Pini, told as a gay love story in a futuristic Utopian society where certain things we now see as taboo, are perfectly normal…like over-indulgence.


You will meet the most stunning creatures you’ve ever seen. You will feel things you’ve never felt before. You’ll be curious and surprised by things you’d never imagined before….like Bunnch. *tee-hee* …And if you are like me, you will cry at the end.

When I read this for the first time, I was immediately pulled in by Pini’s beautiful artwork; gorgeous characters and settings. The story of a reclusive genius finding the cure for *something* as well as finding love, is a plot-line that drew me in. I want to gush about it, but I’ll give away everything. I enjoyed it. So will you.

{You may have noticed I didn’t include a link to buy a copy of this. It s because, currently, you can’t get a copy. You can only read it online for free. Oh darn! BUT there will hopefully be more copies printed for future sales.}




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