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Do You Really Care?: Doubt, Fines, and Nudity

Model, Ambrosio

Its that time again. Its time for me to sow you a bunch of articles that actually became NEWS this week. Enjoy.

  1. Spain Rodriguez died.
  2. Strange Music is having The Gift of Rap 2012.
  3. Turkey fines TV channel for blasphemy in an episode of The Simpsons.
  4. First pics of Ender’s Game feature Harrison Ford in uniform hit web.
  5. Model, Alessandra Ambrosio, poses nude months after giving birth.
  6. Jaime Foxx and Jason Sudeikis release SNL promos.
  7. Matt Damon is doubtful about returning to the “Bourne” franchise.
  8. Hospital accidentally gives Duchess Kate Middleton’s personal info to radio pranksters.
  9. Grandmother of 3 tattoos head to get over hair loss.
  10. Lea Michelle spills her clear skin beauty tips.

So I gotta ask, Do you really care? Yeah, me neither.



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