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Doctor Who And The Snowmen Recap

The Mark 2 fibreglass (Tom Yardley-Jones) Tard...

The Mark 2 fibreglass (Tom Yardley-Jones) Tardis as used in the 1980s – photo taken by me Zir 23:49, 18 May 2007 (UTC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spoilers ahead…be warned!

“Don’t talk to them, they’re silly.”

Doctor Who and the Snowmen begins fifty years before the ‘present’, and while Terry Pratchett would note that all snowmen are but reflections of the Winter Spirit, these snowmen appear to be far more sinister. The Doctor meets his new companion, Clara, while walking past a pub after a snowman just suddenly appears out of nowhere. She asks the Doctor who made the snowman, and he quips something about how the snow remembers how to make snowmen.

IT all begins with two words, our Silurian friend explains. Doctor Who? This comes after she quizzes the Doctor about whether or not Clara was nice.

Ah, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle basing Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson on the Veiled Detective and her companion…and the two are married? Madam Vastra and Jenny are facing the fact that the Doctor is having a hard time adjusting to loss of the Ponds, who ended up trapped in a timeline that they could not be removed from.

Dr. Simeon, played by Richard E. Grant would be correct in that the Victorians would have problems dealing with the idea of a super sleuth team being made up of two women. Incidentally, during the Victorian Era, while uncommon and a little on the dangerous side, it was not unheard of for two women or two men to get married. It usually required finding the right person. It was extremely uncommon, and usually wasn’t considered a problem for those who could, basically, afford to do it.

(Sorry, maybe we can get the BBC’s to make a new spinoff…focusing on Vastra and Jenny.)

So, we have psychic snowmen rampaging around London in the 1800′s.

So, The Doctor leaves Clara with the instructions to forget about him, and not to worry about the snowmen. It is good to see that the TARDIS’ cloaking field is finally repaired, but Clara decides that she isn’t going to just forget about the Doctor, and follows him to the park where the TARDIS is hiding. She does find her way in, of course. Hopefully, Clara will be the one to help get The Doctor out of his funk. And she finds the TARDIS high up in the clouds.

Oh, this was fun. She not only follows The Doctor up the stairs, but finds the TARDIS.

Ooooo….it turns out that Clara is actually not quite what she appears. She is a governess in a major household. Interesting. Apparently, the daughter of the household has been having nightmare-dreams about the previous governess who died in the pond by the house. So, of course, who does Clara go looking for? The Doctor.

Ah, Madam Vastra certainly takes Clara by surprise, and they have a very interesting conversation. Vastra gives Clara ‘the one word test’, and she passes. Her one word? ‘Pond’.

Dr. Simeon is played a visit by Sherlock Holmes, or at least someone dressed like Mr. Holmes. Of course, The Doctor is answered by Gandalf the Grey…er The Snowman (as voiced by Sir Ian McKellen). Strax is a lot of fun, including making fun of The Doctor. However, he does investigate the pond where the governess died while trapped in the snow.

Ah, the other governess shows up and starts going after the children only to have The Doctor shatter her. Of course, that isn’t stopping Dr. Simeon.

“I am a lizard person from the dawn of time and this is my wife…” Those two are just wonderful and deserve their own series. OKAY….Clara just kissed The Doctor! Clara definitely seems like a good choice to for the new companion. OOOO….new main control room!

Temporal causality has just caught up to the show. Clara Oswin returns to the show, of course. Which means that we already know how she ends, which is by being absorbed by the Daleks. At least, this is what we think it might be that happens. The Doctor seems to realize this just before the Ice Governess pulls Clara out of the TARDIS.

There will be some interesting speculation. Did Clara end up getting sent back in time when the Dalek asylum was destroyed? Is this Clara before she becomes a Dalek? This creates an interesting conundrum. Clara, of course, does live.

Oh…interesting? The snow is a reflection of Simeon. It is parasitic snow. The parasite gains control of Simeon as soon as The Doctor erases Simeon’s adulthood with the memory worm.

Saltwater rain? It began to rain tears. It turns out that the one thing that could override the parasite was a whole family crying.

Something is definitely up since he keeps running into her over and over again. . .

Very good episode. Oooo….Madame Vastra will be returning.

This definitely appears to be the start of a good, and interesting start to a new arc.



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