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Good Morning, Mother Earth

At dawn this morning, Mayan priests answered the big question – when exactly should we consider the Mayan calendar to be “ended” and thus, when would the world end. Apparently, it should have ended last night. Today is not the last day of the 13th bak’tun, but the beginning of the next bak’tun. And like most ancient cultures, a day begins at dawn for the Mayans.

Way back in 1999, I researched the Mayan calendar as part of the millennium phenomenon. Aside from the fact that only a minority of the world’s population considered January 1, 2000 the start of anything important, I learned that the Mayan calendar was the most complex mathematical formulas for calculating time in use by any culture. It was a counting of days, calculated in number systems other than our standard base-10 system, going back and forth between two other base systems. The date for the end of the 13th bak’tun was a count of days, and was not influenced by leap years, solar or lunar cycles. December 21, 2012, is the date, no question about it.

My favorite interpretation of the Mayan calendar deals not with end times or any apocalypse. One translation says that at the end of the 13th bak’tun cycle, the planet changes gender. For the past 5,125 years, pretty much the bulk of recorded human history, the planet has been male. As of today, the planet really is Mother Earth.

Good morning, Mother. May your 5,125 year reign be more rational, more compassionate, more humane than the 5,125 years of maleness we have just passed through.

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