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Group Petitions Pepsi To Speak Out Against Uganda’s Kill The Gays Bill

English: Uganda's Coat of arms

English: Uganda’s Coat of arms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sum Of Us has launched a petition asking Pepsi Co to bring pressure to bear on Uganda in order to try and halt the Kill the Gays bill. The New York-based company apparently has a large presence in Uganda. The authors of the petition hope that Pepsi’s speaking out would “force Ugandan officials to put the bill on hold — or even pull it entirely.”

They also note that
“As citizen-consumers, we have tremendous influence over Pepsi. It has customers all over the world — meaning that, unlike the MPs in Uganda who are pushing this bill, Pepsi cares what we think and say about them. And for this piece of legislation, our position is clear — Pepsi must use its power as a major company in Uganda to communicate clearly to Ugandan legislators that this hateful bill must be stopped.”

The way that the bill is worded would result in people being locked up even if they were not gay, but only suspected of being gay and could put people to death for continued homosexuality.



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