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Jess’ Smoke Break: Why Songs Get Stuck

I do a lot of thinking when I smoke by myself, and a lot of jawing when I smoke with others. I have also noticed that I do a lot of smoking.  Ashtray on the nightstand, small piles of half-smoked cigarettes at places I frequent; the bus stop, my husband’s workplace, the walk up to my work, etc. Based on this I figure with all the thinking I do that I should really broaden the spectrum of people to talk to. So come with me, follow the trail of Camel Light butts and join me weekly as we discuss the random, the ridiculous, and sometimes the rage enticing. No matter what you smoke, or what your views are, Jess’ Smoke Break is a public event that you’ll become, …well, addicted to.


Everywhere I have gone today the obnoxious melodies of “(Everybody) Back Street’s Back” by The Backstreet Boys has been rattling around in my brain. So pack your pipe, light your cigarette, or simply clutch your coffee as we spend this Friday’s Smoke Break pondering why songs get stuck in your head.

You know it happened to you.

Take comfort in knowing that it happens to nearly everyone with an Auditory Cortex. You are innocently going through your day, when suddenly you are blind-sided by this repetitive, poorly auto-tuned, pop song that has violated your ears on every radio station for far too long. What is the reason for this madness?

Some scientists speculate that the nature of the song stuck in your head relates to suppressed thoughts or memories (Does this mean I secretly want to be in a boy band?), while others suggest it is simply a way for the mind to stay busy while idle (Perhaps songs get stuck in my head because I am lazy, then?).

Got a light?

Whatever the reason for these invasions of my Auditory Cortex, it certainly activates my Acetylcholine Receptors, …finding me out here, smoking and chatting with you.



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