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John Lennon -32 Yrs. Later

Thirty-two years ago, John Lennon died. I was 2 years old when it happened, but I grew up seeing the impact that his death caused. I was raised with the ideals in the song “Imagine“. That’s how he influenced my life.

Three days before that fateful event that changed our history, Lennon gave a final interview that would be lost for many years. The reporter that gave the interview found the lost tapes a few years ago and the full interview was finally published in Rolling Stone magazine. I have this issue. It’s not often I keep a piece of paper, unless it is art or a bill, but I HAD to have this. (You can read it HERE)

A Beatle, a cosmic guru, a lover, a poet, a friend, an explorer, a father, a genius, a man….Lennon was all of these things. To me, he will always be the man who taught me how to dream of a better world; a world without religion, wars, disease….

RIP John Lennon. You are still missed.



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One Response to John Lennon -32 Yrs. Later

  1. daki

    December 9, 2012 at 11:15 am

    I was something like 8mos old when he died. never liked him at first, gravitated to paul, then george and now john… i went to the dakota yesterday and spend a few minutes in strawberry fields. there i began to think. yes john some people still give a fuck, some people do care we continue to listen to your optimism and your honesty an realize that as humans we should aim to be selfless and continue inspite of odds that are immeasurable.

    but when i was silent i heard in my head “yes, i am glad you still care and yes its funny that i am paying a cops wage to babysit my memorial, but what are you doing in your life to make a difference? caring just isnt enough mate!”