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LGR Holiday Gift Suggestions Pt 2: Bridgette’s List

Yule, Christmas and Hanukkah are all coming up with astonishing speed, and we here at LezGetReal certainly love our readers, so we thought we would offer up some gift suggestions. Our writer J. Wolffe already offered one set of recommendations, and I’ll offer up mine.

I have to admit that when I first started covering Girl/Girl Scene, I wasn’t all that interested. I tried to get into the first episode, but rapidly found myself not comfortable with the show. Of course, that might be coming from the fact that, despite appearances, I’m still kind of coming to grips with being lesbian. Since then, however, I’ve come to enjoy the series, and hope that the DVD’s are under my Tree this year:

Girl/Girl Scene

I have to admit to not liking some of the more common lesbian artists and groups out there. Melissa Etheridge and k.d. lang are just not really my style; however, Hunter Valentine is right up my alley. While Hunter Valentine is not as big a name, they certainly have a huge style. This third album just hit the stores, and it’s definitely something that any lover of rock would love to add to their collection:

Hunter Valentine “Collide & Conquer”

Now for a little jewelry. Alas, this is a bit hefty for my family’s finances this year, but LYON Fine Jewelry is offering up the Stonewall – Equality Bracelet. In this case, the bracelet is not only a statement that we are all entitled to the same rights and freedoms as everyone else, but LYON is putting the money where the equality is with twenty percent of the $95 price tag going to Friendfactor, an LGBT Right group aimed at our straight allies and supporters.

Stonewall – Equality Bracelet

For those who have a hankering for a lesbian superhero, might I suggest some of the back issues of Spinnerette? After being irradiated by a mutagenic ray beam, Heather grows four extra arms and sets off to help rid the world of crime as Spinnerette. Along the way, she meets some very unusual and interesting individuals including one she falls in love with- the fellow superhero Mecha Maid. Oh, and did we mention the crossdressing Canadian superhero Green Gable?

Spinnerette Collections

The next group are kind of fanservice-ish. Dave Lumsford, Giselle Legace, Cassandra Wedeking, María Victoria Robado and T Campbell run somewhere around fifteen webcomics at once. Ok, not really. Together, they collectively write, illustrate and edit four with Robado, aka Shouri, also writing two more. While full of a bit of fanservice, the stories tend to be well written and beautifully illustrated. Currently, GiDa CaTS, as this fan likes to call them, are putting out collections of two different sets- Menage a 3 (A mature sex farce) and Eerie Cuties/Magick Chicks (a more teen friendly supernatural comedy).

Eerie Cuties/Magick Chicks has its second volume coming out now and Menage a 3 has its fourth out already. Each volume covers about a year worth of strips and a special strip only for the collection.

Pixie Trix Comix Store

And finally for the comic strips out there, the sixth collection of the syndicated comic strip Candorville has just come out. Darrin Bell is a huge ally to the LGBT cause, as evidenced over the last year, even as we saw the main character Lemont interview President Barack Obama’s evolving position on same-sex marriage, and grapple with single fatherhood. We also saw Lemont accompany some very famous people on their Final Journeys. Candorville is one of the most quietly Progressive strips out there.

Candorville “Does The Afterlife Have Skittles”

And finally, Strange Euphoria. This box set comes from the long running band Heart. As Ann and Nancy Wilson approach their fortieth year in the music business, their music as as strong as ever having just released Fanatic. The box set comes with rare tracks, demos, live performances, and a bonus CD of five Led Zeppelin covers.

Heart “Strange Euphoria”



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