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Michigan House Committee Passes Anti-Gay Adoption Bills

English: Logo of Equality Michigan

English: Logo of Equality Michigan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Michigan House Committee on Families, Children and Seniors has passed through two bills- HB 5763 and HB 5764. The bills are designed to allow adoption agencies to deny placement based upon the agency’s moral or religious beliefs while still getting money from the state.

Equality Michigan’s director of policy Emily Dievendorf testified against the bills while they were in committee along with parents and advocates from other agencies. At any given time, Michigan has 14,000 children in the foster care system, and these laws put at risk the placement of about a third of those.

EQMI notes that:

With the possibility of the bill going before the Michigan House of Representatives for a floor vote, Equality Michigan has partnered with Howard Dean’s Democracy for America to collect signatures on a petition opposing the bills. An online action to send emails to members of the committee which passed the bill resulted in over 10,000 emails being sent to elected officials. People interested in taking action can visit for more information on the petition.

Dievendorf stated that “The ongoing effort by extremists serving in the Michigan Legislature to turn Michigan into a state which values intolerance over compassion is alarming and must be stopped. Equality Michigan is pleased to have our national partner, Democracy for America, join us in the effort to stand up in opposition to these bills. We are committed to making sure the voice of people in Michigan are heard, that efforts to legalize discrimination will not be tolerated.”



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