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Miracle in Missouri

On the table Nov. 21st


Seventeen days ago, on Nov. 21st, a five month old pit bull puppy was dragged behind a truck for more than a mile down Interstate 55 in St. Louis, Missouri, before the driver of the truck realized he was there. Amazingly, he was still alive when the Humane Society of Missouri’s Animal Cruelty Task Force got to him, and rather than doing what most people would expect, they started the fight to save his life instead of ending it.

Under blankets Nov. 21st to keep him warm

They named him Trooper. With no thought to how his care would be paid for, they have put every effort into his recovery. After two weeks, they are now saying it looks like his most severely injured leg can be saved. Today they posted a video of him walking off his blanket to get a toy and carrying it back…

People around the world have been following this story, sending cards, toys and money to help the little fellow. Hundreds have offered him a forever-home, but the HSMO has stated that it will be months before he is ready to be adopted. He still faces more surgeries to repair all the damage. They have set up a Facebook page for Team Trooper, and a donation site for all those people who want to help pay for his care. Check them out; in the photo galleries you can see the type of loving care he is getting from these fine people.

There is also a $5,000 reward being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the degenerate(s) who tied this innocent puppy behind that truck. The driver was horrified that someone had tied the pup to his truck, and that he unwittingly dragged him. If you have any information, tips can be made at or by calling 314-647-4400.




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