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My Little Pony: FiM S3 Ep 9 “Apple Family Reunion” Recap

Applejack Army

Applejack Army (Photo credit: pullip_junk)

There be spoilers ahead!

Baby Applejack is just so adorable!

It has, apparently, been 100 moons since the last Apple Family reunion, though, technically, it’s been 60 episodes since the last reunion…namely in the very first episode. Apparently that was not the full reunion, which occurred when Granny Smith was a lot younger.

Apparently, the family has grown quite a lot since the last one, and AJ was a young filly at the time. We found out that AJ had quite an appetite at the last reunion as well. AJ ends up with a bit of an issue in that she begins to over think things about the reunion. BTW, nice American Gothic reference in a picture on the wall. I wonder if that’s suppose to be AJ’s parents.

Ah, time for the montage with spike being used as a lighter, AJ getting zapped by lightning, and all the preparations being done. Granny Smith’s favorite cousin, Apple Rose, shows up, and apparently Babs Seed is also there.

Ah…AJ put together a lot of stuff and what they want to just have fun and catch up. Babs and Applebloom haven’t seen each other for a bit. AJ also seems to not get that the whole thing about not finishing the quilt is because people want to gossip and talk and have fun. She keeps wanting things to go too fast, but the reality is that everyone wants to just have some fun. Maybe she should have talked to Pinkie Pie. Babs and Apple Bloom want to just hang out, and AJ keeps wanting thigns to go faster and faster and faster.

At one point during the hay ride, dentures go flying and bite Big Mac in the nose…and the rainbow bats end up attacking the hay ride. The fruit bats end up causing the hay ride to go dangerously off course and slam into the barn, which falls over.

Oh AJ…she only realizes what she did wrong at the end.

Ah, AJ finally gets her own song as they rebuild the barn. Nothing like a good barn raising to make the family happy on the farm.

Ah, the wonderful letter to Princess Celestia comes back. AJ learned a lesson about family and friendship, which is that the time together is more important than what one does while with friends.



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