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My Little Pony “Spike At Your Service” Recap


Applejack (Photo credit: aaipodpics)

Oh Spike…this season they seem to have decided to focus on each of the main characters in turn (spoilers ahead, obviously).

The episode was a stellar one that shone well given last week’s less than stellar show. In many ways, Applejack is a good secondary character for others to reflect upon. She doesn’t have a lot of obvious personality flaws, which the others do, and this makes episodes centering on her seem contrived. However, this episode saw some of the best that AJ can do.

The visual gags in the episode were also great. There were several that were wonderful to watch, including Spike nearly running over Granny Smith.

What follows is the recap, I hope to have the episode up at some point.

Twilight Sparkle is given an assignment by Princess Celestia to read twelve books in a weekend. She then gives Spike the day off, and unfortunately, the long list of things that he wants to do kind of takes very little actual time. Thus, he gets bored. He tries to take a hot air balloon ride, only to accidentally knock the balloon off it’s mooring.

After a comical chase, he is able to snag it, but ends up in the middle of Everfree Forest. . .and the timberwolves which guard it are not happy. Spike tries to run away, but ends up in a dead end, and Applejack comes along to save him.

AJ smashes the timberwolves, which are quite hard to kill, and Spike feels indebted to her for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, outside of the library, Spike’s abilities are hardly all that capable. He manages to ruin apple pies, spill flower, break eggs, and pretty much have trouble doing a lot of things. Spike talks to Twilight, who is completely distracted by her reading, and doesn’t notice that Spike is even there.

After AJ talks to Rarity (while bringing her one of the pies Spike made), Rarity not only finds the pie to be…er…not very good, she though does go on about loving the idea of having someone serve her hoof and hoof. That is until after Spike destroys her sink.

AJ, Rarity and Rainbow Dash think up a way to have Spike give up. This results in Spike building a rock tower for RD to smash into. She thought Spike would give up after three rocks.

With things getting out of control, AJ finally gets through to Twilight, and they come up with a plan to have Spike save AJ from certain doom, but not mustaches. Definitely not mustaches on Pinkie Pie. The first plan involved shooting AJ out of the party cannon, but that got nixed. Instead, they concoct a plan involving a fake timberwolf, a stuck hoot, and Rarity overacting.

Unfortunately, Spike is able to see right through it. Even worse? RD’s imitation of a timberwolf draws in a real timberwolf pack. AJ manages to save Spike a second time, on to have the timberwolf reform and AJ actually get stuck. Spike manages to kill the huge timberwolf using a stone to the throat, and the debt has been paid.



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