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My Little Pony: “Wonderbolt Academy” Recap

So, one week after gaining a little ‘sister’, Rainbow Dash gets her dream of being invited to Wonderbolt Camp. We start with Pinkie Pie being very anxious over the mail. Of course, Rainbow Dash being her usual self tricks the others into thinking that she didn’t get in when she did, and it’s tough for Pinkie who seems to be not only more anxious over Dash getting in, but…well, seems to be rather upset over the prospect of Dash being gone for a week.

Anyone beginning to wonder if Hasbro is deliberately ramping up the shipping?

In fact, it seems like they opened the season with some good hints at an AJ/Twilight/Rarity shipping triangle, and now Pinkie/Dash? From a personal perspective, though, I have to approve of this, and also say that I tend to ship Twilight/Rarity and Pinkie/Dash.

Dash’s big problem at the Wonderbolt Academy may not so much be that she’s good, but she is kind of undisciplined. Oh, and some familiar faces show up again. Oooo…Spitfire is a fun drill sergeant. Hm…Lightning Dust and Rainbow Dash? Frenemies? Why does Dashie remind me of Luke Skywalker a lot?

Pinkie sticks near the mailbox waiting for a letter from Dashie, and now we see her pining for Dashie’s letter which makes it really seem as if Pinkie has a crush on Dashie. Warning, though, hurl potential for some of these flight tests. Dash, though, breaks the academy record for recovering from dizziness in a flight with Lightning Dust coming in just behind. Sigh, for Dash, though, her big problem may be being the wing pony to Lightning. In some ways, Dash’s biggest issue has always been her ego.

Sigh…Lightning Dust and Rainbow Dash are a problem with egos. Lightning Dust may have a bigger ego than Dash, though, and Pinkie is really pining for Dash. Pinkie seems to be in love with Dash big time. During the first real challenge between the teams of which Dust and Dash fly, Dash gets hurt, but Dust doesn’t seem to notice in the least, which may be held against her.

Pinkie decides to head on over with everyone to see Dash. She really is pining for Dash, huh?

Now for the second, which is a major obstacle course with precision being the key. Dust and Dash manage to get through the obstacle course, but cause the others to spin out, and crash. Dash has problems with this, but Dust doesn’t, and even seems to not care very much. In some ways, Dust is acting like Dash does most of the time, and it’s really bugging Dash.

Now to clear the skies of the clouds. Unfortunately, Dust and Dash create a problem when they accidentally cause a major twister that catches the Mane 6 in it causing their balloon to crash. Pinkie is thrilled to see Dash again. Dash then does something amazing. She quits because Dust is reckless. Dash, though, isn’t allowed to quit. Spitfire makes Dash the leader and drums Dust out of the corps.

Overall, a fun episode. Of course, Dash is right. While it is good to push one’s self, pushing one’s self recklessly is a bad idea.



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