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Pastor Claims Stroking Horses Cures Homosexuality

In Robot Chicken, there is an episode that makes fun of The Chronicles of Narnia. The Jesus-Allegory-Lion is asked about having seen “that episode with Daniel Radcliffe’s penis.” It’s about two minutes in:

Derek Jacobi on stage performing "A Voyag...

Derek Jacobi on stage performing “A Voyage Round My Father” in Wyndham’s Theatre, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The play in question is called Equus. Somehow it never quite gets through to people’s heads just how screwed up they sound. The play is about a psychologist who is trying to understand the religious fascination, and even sexual fascination, of a young man towards horses.

Alright, this actually does have to do with this story.

Raymond Bell,
the pastor of the Cowboy Church of Virginia, beleives that the use of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy can cure people of the “addiction” to homosexuality. He actually stated “EAP can help any person who is living the homosexual lifestyle or involved in it in anyway.”

Perhaps he believes that EAP can transfer a person’s sexual interest in the same sex onto an animal.

Actually, it appears that Bell’s thinking is a bit more mundane. He believes that EAP can, somehow, make gay men more masculine and that it can somehow be used to “identify how a person got ‘involved’ in homosexuality to begin with… for example, because of rape, abandonment, lacking a male role model, abuse and having low self-esteem.”

Bell also believes that “Homosexuality is actually a type of addiction. It is not ‘curable’ as a disease because it is a ‘choice driven’ by the person.”

In actuality, there are many masculine gay men. While dapper, Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Derek Jacobi are hardly effeminate. Neither McKellen nor Jacobi are exactly lacking in self-esteem either. Both men have stellar careers in acting which have stretched for decades and both have acted in everything from Shakespeare to Doctor Who.

In many ways, the stereotypical gay man was best portrayed by a straight actor by the name of Patrick Stewart in the movie Jeffrey.

In the end, what they seem to mistake homosexuality with is femininity. What they are saying is that being a woman is wrong, and being in any way womanly is wrong.



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