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Polling Shows Strong Support For Marriage Equality In Illinois

Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality (Photo credit: lez get real)

The Civil Rights Agenda has released the numbers from a recent Public Policy Polling poll which showed that a majority of Illinois voters support same-sex marriage. While not a majority, those asked if same-sex marriage should be allowed in Illinois those who said ‘yes’ came in at 47% while those who said ‘no’ came in at 42% with 11% unsure. They also found that “Among voters under 45, 58% were for it and 37% were against it. 70% of Hispanics were for and 23% were not. Among African Americans, 60% were for it and 16% were against.”

Rick Garcia, the director of the Equal Marriage Illinois Project, stated “This poll demonstrates the continued and steady support for equal marriage in Illinois. Illinoisans under 45 are even more supportive which shows that gay marriage is only a matter of time, although I think it will be sooner rather than later. The advocacy and education work we have been doing in all communities across the state continues to pay off.”

TCRA Executive Director Anthony Martinez said “The support among African Americans and Hispanics is staggering. That result shows that the stereotype that people of color do not support the rights of gay and lesbian people is false, and we continue to see that as we work within those communities.”



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