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Procrustean Society: The Evolution Of Marriage

National Organization for Marriage

National Organization for Marriage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The National Organization for Marriage and the Roman Catholic Church love to pull this one on us- the LGBT Community is trying to change the definition of ‘marriage.’ Of course we are changing the legal definition of marriage to bring it in line with the present definition. Of course, these people don’t want to hear that.

There has been a great deal written about the supposed death of men. The thing is, this is sort of true while not being true at all, but back to marriage for a second. A thousand years ago, marriage was about procreation, property, and inheritance. Did the husband love his wife? It didn’t matter. He could have all the lovers he wanted. She, however, couldn’t, but that’s because she was his property. At this point in history, marriage was pretty much confined to the Upper Classes largely because they were the only ones with property. Typically, someone who was a serf or poor didn’t need to worry about getting married. They would be seen as being married if they lived together long enough, but marriage was a very aristocratic institution at the time.

Five hundred years ago, property and ownership was spreading, and as such, so was the need for marriage. Middle Class folk were starting to get married. Marriage was still very much about procreation, property and inheritance, but it wasn’t as much a rich institution any more. By the Victorian Era, marriage was spreading downward, and by the middle of the 20th Century, everyone was getting married…so long as they were of the same race, opposite sexes, and same religion.

The change in marriage also followed the changes in the social roles of men and women, and that is happening again today. The world is changing with regards to what roles are expected of men and women. A lot of the jobs of the future appear to be tailor made for women. That is not to say that men cannot handle them, but men are going to have to change as well.

It is not surprising that this change is being met with resistence. After all, most of those men who are pushing back hard are fighting for their privileged power. They want to defend and keep the inherent prejudice embedded in the system because it benefits them personally.

As an institution, marriage must change or it will die. The structure of the world is changing in such a manner that the vision of the male breadwinner and the female homemaker are not going to last much longer. In fact, they pretty much no longer exist.

Today, people marry for love, not property. Today, men are learning to be as much the caregiver as the women. Society is changing. The thing is, we have to change with it, or go extinct.



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