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Review Monday: “Bordertown” The Series

Looking for some old fashioned Western fun? Well, MIRAMAX/Echo Bridge Entertainment has the series for you; BORDERTOWN.

You may remember it from when it originally aired, but maybe you don’t remember it in detail. Check out the Synopsis, and see if it brings back some good memories. You can buy it HERE. I recommend it to anyone who likes their shows with action, adventure, romance, a bit of comedy and loads of hours (78 episodes!) of ol’ fashioned fun.

Principal Cast
Richard Comar, John H. Brennan, Sophia Barjac

In 1880, Pemmican lay at the western edge of the Great Plains. Nearly a decade later, surveyors of the 49th parallel reached the small community to find it straddling the new Canadian-U.S. border.

Now known as Bordertown, local law enforcement is dealt with on one side by Clive Bennett, a Mountie, and on the other by U.S. Marshal Jack Craddock. Whiskey traders, buffalo hunters, gold prospectors, silver miners, drifters and drunks keep the two men on their toes.

But the chaos doesn’t stop there. Not only do Clive and Jack share a jurisdiction and an office, they also share a love for the same woman. Whether they’re fighting for justice or fighting each other, there’s plenty going on in Bordertown!



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