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The (Real) War On Christmas

christmas paint

christmas paint (Photo credit: cassie_bedfordgolf)

I want to be honest here. I really couldn’t give a horse’s right hoof over Christmas at this point. This is not because I’m Pagan and celebrate Yule, and not because my family does a lot of Christmas stuff at Thanksgiving when we visit my sister in Georgia. It actually has to do with something far more insidious than that.

By the time the first week of December rolls around, I’m burned out. After all, these days, Christmas is being rolled out before Halloween! After four weeks of Christmas- not to mention all the year-‘round stuff that goes on- I really could care less about Christmas, the Holidays, or anything along those lines.

It is understandable that the corporations are so obsessive about Christmas. After all, this is when they make most of their money. This is why they call the day after Thanksgiving Black Friday. Of course, if they didn’t run their businesses so badly the rest of the year, maybe they wouldn’t need to worry so much about making all of their money. Unfortunately, it seems as if most businesses are simply run to make lots and lots of money for the guys at the top, and it does not matter if they business really survives.

Let us go beyond that. The fact of the matter is that, by the first week in December, most of us are fed up with Christmas. If it isn’t the stations running Christmas music 24/7, it’s the gaudy displays that the stores put up. While the season is suppose to be about giving and family and love and peace, what it has become is about money and greed, and people stomping on other people’s heads to get a PS3!

Now stories and businesses are busy pushing forward their Christmas sales. Thanksgiving is suppose to be a time when families get together and eat until they burst. Now, they have to wait in line to get the latest sales or risk not being able to get the toys their kids want at low, low prices because, well, the manufacturers don’t exactly put in enough stock just because they want to create that kind of low supply/high demand kind of hype.

And now, Christmas is largely being canceled because, well, the stores want to open up their doors for longer hours on Christmas. They want their workers there and to heck with their families.

For a long time, I have maintained that it is the businesses, not the distractions like same-sex marriage that are ruining marriage in the United States. After all, nothing is harder on a family than having next to no income. The same holds true for Christmas, and the Holiday Season as a whole.

Businesses are the ones waging a war on Christmas. Of course, Bill O’Reily, who worships money more than Christ, would never dare say this on his television show. He would never admit that the people who have largely ruined Christmas are the very businesses he shills for. The same holds true for FOX. They will never admit that the reason why Christmas is becoming little more than a day on the calendar is because of this never ending corporate attempt to milk it for every last cent it can give them.

Who cares about Christmas, Yule or Hanukkah, after all? The season is all about money…at least to the guys who are buys pointing the finger at everyone else for why Christmas is in such trouble.



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