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“This is 40″ Red-Band Trailer Hits Web; Fox Gets Groped by Mann

After having a semi-success with “Knocked-Up“, and actress Megan Fox being booted from franchise work after demonizing her Transformers director, Judd Apatow has taken a chance on hottie, Fox, and her perky breasts for his sequel, “This is 40″.



In the red-band trailer you get to re-meet Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann) from Knocked-Up….5 years later. Fox plays Rudd’s oh-so-hot employee that the wife is convinced he wouldn’t know what to do with. While Pete’s business is dying, he’s dealing with a dad that wants more money, a wife who thinks she can force happy, and the fact that he is aging.

Thankfully they reprized the running jokeDo you wanna have sex tonight?

Red the full story HERE.



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