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Top Chef “Even The Famous Come Home” Recap

This does not look good.

Tonight’s Top Chef centers on heritage, and as anyone can tell you, there is pretty much nothing more stressful than cooking for your close friends and family.

As a quick reminder, you can vote for a chef to come back at the end of the season. This week, the two you can vote for are:

1. Kuniko: #savechefkuniko
2. Jeffery: #savechefjeffrey

Or you can vote here

This battle between the two chefs will be over in about ten hours.

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For the opening challenge, the chefs had to come up with a sweet and savory dish based on their heritage, and as an added challenge, they chefs were only allowed to use one collective knife. One thing that they could use was Truvia blended with sugar. For most people, this is very sweet, but it should be noted that for some people, Truvia is horrible and does not have any taste whatsoever, or even a bitter taste.

The fun part was watching the chefs make some adaptations including John actually use his spatula to chop things up. The dishes ranged from tamales to latkas and even waffles. Given that we have chefs representing a variety of different locations, this is definitely interesting. Bart, being from Belgium, went for waffles. Josh went with a Johnnycake, and Danyele went with a bread pudding with ham. Each of them went with something rather unique.

Our guest chef, Marilyn, did not like Bart or Micah’s dishes, feeling that Bart’s was too busy and Micah’s was “taco” was too dry. Micah made a tamale. Brooke got immunity thanks to a ‘homey’ dish.

top chef, season 10, seattle, brooke williamson, bravo

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt were the next guests with Faris noting that she is pregnant. The two were throwing a homecoming as both are from Western Washington, and each of the chefs have to make one dish and the winner would get a blue Prius.

Elk, boar, crab, pork…these are the ingredients that go into the Faris/Pratt gala. Josh got nipped by a crab as he worked to make a nice chowder. Ah…the major problems of a kitchen. A spoon caught fire. I’ve done that before. The dinner was at the Chihuly Garden, which is covered with blown glass and plants.. The real problem ended up being for Danielle. Her boar chops were tough. As she had feared, they were so thin that soon after they hit the fire they overcooked.

For John, the guest judge was a fright. He works for Rick Moonen, the guest judge in the elimination challenge. For Micah, the attempt to try and get the dish creamy enough, he over creamed it. Lizzie’s dish also fell flat. The biggest issue appears to have been a lack of seasoning in some of the dishes.

So, of course, the judgement phase happens. John, Sheldon, Brooke, and Kristen were the top four. Rick announced the winner was Brooke:

top chef, season 10, seattle, brooke williamson, bravo


Alas, this means that there are the ones who did not perform well. Eliza, Danyele, Josh, and Micah were called in as the bottom four. The one criticism for Danyele was that her timidness was a problem. Danyele’s fear lead her to cook the boar problematically. Josh’s pork was problematic. Eliza’s elk was a bit problematic and chewy.

Eliza was the one to get the cut, unfortunately.

top chef, season 10, seattle, eliza gavin, bravo

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