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Where’s the KA-BOOM!? Did the Doctor Save Us Again?

So according to the Mayans, the world was supposed to end last night. -It didn’t.

Did you really think it would? With all the things that were supposed to end the world this year, did you honestly think THIS would be what killed off the Human race? We’ve survived so much, this year alone. I’ve heard so many varied reasons we were all supposed to die this year; Raptures, War, Apocalypse, Aliens, Zombies, Gays Getting Married, End of an era, Birth of a new age, etc. So many reasons for us to die, but we just keep on trucking through the universe.

But I have to wonder, why is the Human race so obsessed with it’s own end? Are we so depressed as a race that we’ve become suicidal? Hmm…Maybe this is just the beginning of a new time in our lives where we can evolve a little, be a bit kinder, be more understanding, use more common sense, be a nicer person. Maybe, just maybe, this might bring us all Peace on Earth.



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