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“X-Files 3″ Stalled, TV Reboot Possiblity

Did you ever sit up and watch late night episodes of “The X-Files” in the dark? Did you have a secret crush on Scully? Did Mulder frustrate the crap out of you? Or maybe you are like me and got introduced to the series after it was cancelled.

Either way, if you believe…your faith may pay off soon. While the third X-Files movie still doesn’t have a script, according to Screen Rant, a tv series REBOOT may be in the making. I’m wondering if they will bring back the original actors, or try to reinvent it with  new, younger cast.

Go read the full story HERE.



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One Response to “X-Files 3″ Stalled, TV Reboot Possiblity

  1. AJ

    December 5, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    Well, if you read the original article, Spotnitz doesn’t actually say there is a reboot in the works. He just says that there are so many reboots happening he wouldn’t be surprised if it happened to The X-Files as well.