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Abandoned “Gay” Dog Rescued At The Last Minute, Renamed Elton

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It ended up not being too late for a dog surrendered by his owner because he mounted another male dog. The pitbull-type dog was surrendered to an overcrowded animal shelter in Jackson, Tennessee. The owner assumed that the dog had to be gay because of what is normal dominance behavior among dogs. The dog was renamed Elton by his new owners.

Angry messages were posted on a Facebook page set up to save the dog. One of them read “Don’t let this gorgeous dog die bc his owner is ignorant of normal dog behavior!”

There are some 1500 known incidents of same-sex sexual activity among animals, with some 500 well documented cases including among domesticated animals. Some felines, for instance, will form strong same-sex bonds and will even initiate sexual activity. Among Alaskan Albatrosses, roughly a third of all pairings were between two females.

Stephanie Fryns arrived at the shelter shortly after it opened in the morning to adopt her new dog. She has four others at home, so Elton won’t be alone. She posted on Facebook this morning that “I have talked to them..they know and will let me in at open.”

One shelter worker told the press that
“I can’t understand it. You know these dogs get on top of each other sometimes. I have had about 10 million calls this morning. It has been adopted already. It is gone. HE’s in good hands.”



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