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Actor Victor Garber Has Low-Key Second Coming Out

English: This shot of Victor Garber was taken ...

English: This shot of Victor Garber was taken on April 25, 2006 on the Walt Disney Studios lot in between scenes being shot for the final season of ABC TV’s “Alias”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those who were baffled and confused by actress/director/producer Jodi Foster’s coming out speech, the coming out of actor Victor Garber will seem like a pleasant change of pace. Known for his roles in “Deception”, “Alias”, and “Titanic”, Garber confirmed that he is gay in one of the most low key coming outs out there.

In an interview with Greg In Hollywood writer Greg Hernandez, Garber was asked:

“So I quickly looked at his Wikipedia page and there it was: ‘He lives in New York with his companion of 13 years, Rainer Andreesen.’ I then found all kinds of photos of this most handsome couple together.

I wondered, ‘Did he come out publicly and I missed it?’”

Hernandez apparently then pressed Garber who was apparently surprised by the question, but responded that “I don’t really talk about it but everybody know. He’s going to be out here with me for the SAG Awards.”

It actually isn’t the first time that Garber has talked about Andreesen before, notably in an interview in 2012. Garber has noted that his proudest personal achievement is “My relationships with my family and my friends. My companion Rainer Andreesen and I have been together almost 13 years in Greenwich Village. We both love New York.”

Perhaps the biggest thing to begin with this is the notion that people can come out without a lot of fanfare and just act as if it is perfectly normal for them to be lesbian or gay.



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