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After LGBT Group Gets Involved, Paducah Schools Tackle Bullying Problem

Adapted from Wikipedia's KY county maps by Set...

Adapted from Wikipedia’s KY county maps by Seth Ilys. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kentucky Equality Federation officials have contacted Paducah Middle School regarding complaints that they have received regarding severe bullying on their campus. One child even told KEF that she was ready to take her own life because of the bullying. KEF President Jordan Palmer and Attorney Jillian Hall, KEF VP of Legal, handled the incidents personally sending a warning to the Paducah school system.

Palmer stated that “School officials immediately responded and took swift action. We cannot stress enough the impact school bullying has on the Commonwealth’s youth and sincerely thank Paducah Middle School, from the school attorney, school principal, guidance counselors, and other members of the school in administration for their immediate action. Paducah Middle School should be a model to the rest of the schools in the Commonwealth for their swift action and immediate response. It is possible a life was saved due to their immediate response to our letter.”

He also said “Regardless of the circumstances, children need to know they can go to school officials with bullying. It must be reported to the principal who must then report it to the County Attorney for investigation. The attitude to enforce Kentucky law however is set from the principal down and we again applaud Principal Tim Huddleston, Paducah Middle School’s faculty and staff, and their legal representation, Mark Whitlow, an outstanding individual.”

Hall added “What a pleasure it was working with Paducah officials, and reaching a successful outcome without issue. Other Kentucky school systems should really look to the Paducah Middle School for a framework for change in their own programs.”



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