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Anti-Women, Anti-Gay Group SPUC Pushing NOM Propaganda In UK

United Kingdom FlagThe Conservative anti-women’s rights group Society for the Protection of Unborn Children took the press in order to attack same-sex marriage by taking a page out of the playbooks of the National Organization for Marriage. The SPUC claimed that same-sex marriage would have a “shocking impact” on the schools if same-sex marriage was passed into law.

The so-called experts of the group claimed that schools would become a focus for the promotion of “radical and explicit homosexual material to schoolchildren,” and that “ same-sex marriage will be used as a reason to silence objections by teachers and parents to explicit sex education.”

The SPUC sent out a propaganda letter to all headteachers at Britain’s state-maintained secondary schools. The group “opposes the redefinition of marriage in law to include same-sex couples, because it would undermine the true nature of marriage and thus the pro-life benefits of marriage. Marriage offers the most protective environment for both unborn and born children. SPUC also campaigns against explicit sex education because such teaching fails to reduce abortions.”

The group is pretty much pulling their tactics from NOM in order to try and drum up fear against LGBT Britons.



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